NFT real estate. Passive rental income. Classic gameplay. 50% commission on invites.

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Do your NFTs pay you rent?

Pumpopoly offers an easy to understand game model. All property owners earn rent from their property.

Casual Browser Game

Pumpopoly is a casual browser game anyone can play on any device.

Built on NEAR

NEAR is a fast and efficient smart contract network. Tokens are available at your favorite exchange.

Viral Game Mechanics

Pumpopoly is designed from the ground up to bring a success narrative to NFTs and cryptogaming.

  • Earn 50% commission from invites
  • Level up your in-game salary with invites
  • Unlock and build better buildings with invites
  • Discord community dedicated to your success
  • Get the rewards you deserve
  • Shilling never felt so good

Classic Board Game

The rules are easy to understand.

  • Collect a salary from the treasury on every move
  • Earn rent when someone parks at your property
  • Buy land to earn more rent
  • Build bigger buildings to improve your property and increase your income
  • New land is added at a higher price to ensure your satisfaction

Working Dapp

Preview Pumpopoly on the testnet to better understand the game.

  • Full tutorial available
  • FAQ explains it all
  • Dedicated support on Discord
  • Transparent and honest launch
  • No whitelist or payment required to preview
  • No vaporware or false promises
  • A complete game ready for your consideration

Game Overview


Pumpopoly is a virtual real estate simulator reminiscent of classic real estate board games. Playable on all devices, the game features pixel art on an animated HTML5 canvas. The design objectives are simple: Provide players and promoters a fun and entertaining way to collect tokens passively.

Note from the creator

Understanding Pumpopoly does not require a lengthy whitepaper. Unlike other 'projects', Pumpopoly does not trade on grand claims or exaggerated expectations. Forthright plain dealing, straight-forwardness and absolute transparency are recurring themes you will find within. No buzzwords were harmed in the production of Pumpopoly.

The game is live on the mainnet, testnet and ready for your consideration. Nothing is hidden. Whitelisting is not required to preview the game on the NEAR testnet. Payment is not required to preview the complete game.

Everything explained below should clearly illustrate how the incentives of the developer, players and promoters are aligned into a single cohesive unit. We look forward to your participation and feedback.

Player movement

Players collect a salary from the treasury on every move. However, if they arrive at another player's land they must pay rent to the owner for the privilege of parking. Parking is free at all lands owned by the City of Pumpopolis.


Differing from the classic board game's Georgist premise, Pumpopoly features a dynamically expanding game world. Land is an unending resource for players to improve upon. New city owned land is added an exponentially higher price for your satisfaction. Pumpopoly's dynamic game expansion ensures that in-game movements always have a lower average cost relative to the salary provided by the treasury.


There are currently five property types within the game: vacant, hovel, small townhouse, large townhouse and executive tower. All property types have 256 pixel art variations. City lands are sold as vacant lots. Players may upgrade their land by building improvements. Each improvement provides an exponential increase in rent.

Level up

Players must have a qualifying in-game credit score to build improvements on their land. In-game credit scores are determined by the number of lands owned and the total number of active invitees. Additionally, players earn 50% commissions on all city land purchased by their invitees.


Pumpopoly players can choose to sell their land on the in-game market or export their property to a non-fungible token. NFTs may be sold on external third-party markets.

All purchases within the game are denominated in native PUMPOPOLY fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are issued solely from the game contract. Similar to land prices, the price of PUMPOPOLY tokens sold by the game contract increases at an exponential rate as they are issued. Players may optionally choose to buy or sell their fungible tokens at third-party distributed asset exchanges. A natural market equilibrium will emerge as players discount the increasing price of PUMPOPOLY fungible tokens on third-party party distributed asset exchanges.

Both fungible and non-fungible tokens are issued on the NEAR blockchain. NEAR provides bridging capabilities to Ethereum, allowing tokens to wrapped and traded on other blockchains.


Player salaries are issued from the game's treasury on every move. A portion of in-game transactions are added back to the game's treasury. The amount paid back into the treasury varies based upon the remaining storage of the smart contract. This natural tapering mechanism prevents the game from exceeding the storage allowed by the NEAR block chain. It also stimulates demand for PUMPOPOLY fungible tokens.


We hope this brief overview has given you a better insight into the game mechanics of Pumpopoly. Reading explanations will never be as illustrative as using the game. Take a few moments to preview the game on the NEAR testnet. A complete working tutorial has been provided, in addition to an extensive FAQ. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask on Discord.

Pumpopoly has something for everyone...

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A woman shares her enthusiasm for Pumpopoly.com on social media

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